New Wine In The Freixenet Range

The cava is designed for more special occasions and sits in the Freixenet range between the classic Cordon Negro, in its famous black opaque bottle, and Elyssia, Freixenet’s newest super-premium cava.

The bottle’s packaging reflects elements of both the Cordon Negro and Elyssia designs. A slightly opaque, dark green bottle references the Cordon Negro aesthetic, while the more muted Freixenet gold tones and ribbons lean towards the look of the super-premium Elyssia range. 

“We wanted our newest variety to look cosmopolitan, modern and stylish but also to reflect our skills as established winemakers with a heritage stretching back 70 years,” says James Dress, international group product manager at Freixenet. “Vintage Reserva is a special wine and Holmes & Marchant have created an incredibly detailed and thoughtful design for its launch around the world.”

Nick Hanson, Creative Director at Holmes & Marchant, added: “We aimed to create an image that is immediately identifiable as Freixenet, using softer, muted-gold colours and rich materials to differentiate Vintage Reserva from Cordon Negro and Elyssia. The new variant shows how Vintage Reserva fits into the Freixenet family by bridging the visual gap between its two sister wines.”