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Simon Gore

Managing Director

...joined us in 2011, with 25 years experience, with time at Cambridge University, Scottish & Newcastle Breweries, Paramount Pictures, The Added Value Group, Vibrandt, Viability (his own innovation consultancy) and Lewis Moberly. Scottish, but lives abroad in England with his wife, three teenage kids and too many dogs.

Rebecca Fone

Client Services Director

… started her Holmes & Marchant career in 1991. A business graduate with design as a major passion, she brings a breadth of experience having worked agency & client side. She has further developed her creative background via a close involvement with the theatre which enhances her approach to design solutions & it keeps her from treading the boards herself!

Lawrence Hutchison

Account Director

Greg Vallance

Managing Partner - Creative

...joined us in 2011. Inspiring and experienced creative, who honed his skills at Landor (in San Francisco and London), Dragon Rouge, Vibrandt and his own consultancy, Embrace Brands.

Half Italian, speaks a variety of European languages and often found cycling in the Chilterns at the weekends, where he lives with his wife and three daughters. 

Suzanne Remsbury

Finance Director

… has 20 years experience within the design industry. She has worked across lots of disciplines: corporate, retail, promotions & interior design. She’s been with us for the last 8 years.She’s not your typical accountant though. Her passions include her daughter, walking & kick boxing. Ouch!

Jon Goldingay

Senior Designer

...joined H&M in 2006 after 4 yrs in the wilderness of freelance. Enjoys packaging as it enables him to do two things he loves - design and illustration. Likes: Drawing stuff, Building stuff, Outdoor adventure stuff. Dislikes: Hangovers.

Steve Gummer

Structural Designer

Steve is an award winning Product designer, He has a passion for making and collecting objects and often designs through quick prototyping and model making. He has spent the last 10 years, designing an array of products from coffee jars for Carte Noire, to artificial hearts for Ducati!

Abigail Dunn

Studio Manager

...a fine art graduate who is always up for a challenge. Loves being by (or on) the river & all things green.

Ray Simmonds

Mr Fix-it

Michelle Bradbury

Account Director

Sarah Robinson

Account Executive

Sarah joined H&M after getting a Master degree in Advertising and Marketing at Leeds University Business School. Originally from the North of England - in her spare time Sarah likes to keep in touch with friends and family up and down the country. She enjoys gardens, sunny festivals, trying out new things and meeting new people!

Daisy Noble

Junior Planner

I have always been a bit obsessed with packaging (I could spend days in shops) and after studying psychology at university I got even more intrigued by the thinking behind pack design. I was thrilled to get a job as a junior planner and I absolutely love coming to work everyday and letting my curiosity run wild!


Bin Monitor

Inspects the desks bins in between long snoozes

Nick Reid

Junior Designer

...studied graphic communication at university before joining H&M in 2011. Nick has always had a strong passion for all things design and happily welcomes new and exciting challenges. Away from the studio, he enjoys photography, music festivals and exherting his spontaneity.