Weird Statistics

We always get cake on our birthdays in the agency. Plus of course the out of tune lacklustre singing of ‘Happy Birthday to you’. Anyway last month the obligatory celebrations happened to me. And as I was serving out the slices of chocolate sponge, I suddenly thought, hang on, we seem to be getting more than our fair share of birthday gateau this month.

So I asked our Abby who knows everything about everything in the office – how many Scorpio’s are there in the company? Back came a very efficient email, telling me that 30% of our company are said birth sign. How extraordinary! It sent Ben, the planner, scurrying to his phone and the text service, AQA. Apparently, in the world at large, 8% of the population are Scorpio’s –in fact all birth signs except Aquarius (7%) and Cancer (9%) share this figure.

So that means not only do one third of our whole team share this early winter birth sign, but also our figure is nearly four times the national average. What are they all doing in the design business? More importantly, why are they causing me a dearth of cake outside November?

I had a quick look at an Astrological website and apparently Scorpio’s are loyal, passionate, resourceful, observant and dynamic. Oh all right then, they’re also jealous, obsessive, suspicious, manipulative, and unyielding.

I wonder whether subconsciously when interviewing, we recognise a fellow birth sign? Do we attract not only like-minded personalities to the company but like-spirited as well? Do other companies have similar skewed profiles? If it’s true, we could make head hunters lives a lot easier.