The Human Touch

I read a really good book recently by Youngme Moon. It’s called ‘Different’ and in the last chapter she makes a very wise remark: “To be a marketer is to be the human touch within the firm. As marketers, it is our job to render our organisations human.”

I love this observation and feel the picture at the top is a great demonstration of her thoughts in action. I took it yesterday at 8 a.m. in Great Titchfield Street in London. It’s a road full of coffee shops, mostly servicing the booming fashion trade in the neighbouring streets. But this was the only café that was full.
Was it the daft blackboard sign that made the difference? A touch of intelligent humour brightening up the day? A sign of someone trying to communicate with potential punters? It certainly worked for me.

Next time you’re supermarket shopping, have a read of some back labels. See how many brands add this human touch.