The Great Holmes & Marchant Bake-off!


Today we launched the annual ‘Holmes & Marchant Bake-Off’ – a chance for everyone to show off their hidden culinary talents! 

We were lucky enough to have Mr Burger, a local artisan baker, as our guest judge and competitors didn’t disappoint, with everything from homely hot cross buns to choccy philly cupcakes.


After a tense wait the winners were announced.  Simon blew the competition away with his beautiful lemon cake accompanied by a coconut, lemon yoghurt and daffodils served on a slate ‘wouldn’t look out of place at a nice restaurant’ said Mr Burger. Daisy was close behind in second with her strawberry filled courgette cupcakes and Steve took a well deserved third place for his carrot and pistachio cake complete with cake stand!

Did you know – Ancient people made their cakes circular for religious reasons, to symbolize the cyclical nature of life.