Random Acts of Kindness

Of all the signals of the move from the ‘age of interruption’ to the ‘age of engagement’ in brands, the one I absolutely adore is this thing called ‘random acts of kindness’.

I got firsthand experience of this new way to consumers’ hearts in the pub shown above. A couple of Sunday’s ago, I put on my walking boots and slid my way, in the rain, down the side of Winters Hill to banks of the Thames and along to the Bounty. Only 11.40 so twenty minutes before the pub opened. I sat there, hood up on the mud- splattered cagoule, soaking wet and feeling pretty grim.

Looking up through misty glasses, I saw the landlord open the pub door and beckon me in. ‘You look like you need a cup of tea and a bit of lemon drizzle cake’ he said and went on to remark that he didn’t think it right I should suffer for the sake of twenty minutes.

That’s it really. A small thing. A kindness. But here I am writing about it, ensuring the Bounty gets a little bit of free publicity. Cost him twenty minutes, gave me a feeling of fellowship and locked me in to his brand. Why don’t all brands do this?