Philadelphia Dreaming

I spotted this box outside an empty shop in Philadelphia on Monday. It made me smile and it made me sad. Downtown is full of silent stores like this with grubby windows and peeling sale signs. The economic downturn here in Pennsylvania has a thousand silent witnesses like this of dreams that have gone wrong.

But dreams are still alive in other retail outlets in the city. In a little handmade soap shop I spotted this great sign on the wall – I know I’ve said it before but why are marketers so po-faced? This sign melted my reserve and ended with me spending thirty minutes chatting to the owner.

And talking about signs - how about the following for a sign of the time. Along busy South Street I saw three mens’ hat shops – yes HAT shops, whilst it took me over fifteen minutes nosing around some of the less salubrious side streets to find a record shop.

But visually the best thing about Philadelphia is the street art. Below are three examples of massive murals that colour the city.