Life After Death?

I wrote in my Blog, some months ago, about the death of my favourite Bakery in Brussels. It got taken over, had the quality ripped out of it and the prices jacked up. It deserved what it got – shunned by the bread buying public of our part of the city. And then killed off by the accountants

Well, the other weekend, driving into Place Dumon, the corner the Bakery occupied was bright with colour again. And despite being royally ripped off towards the end of its previous regime, I went in to try what the new owners had baked.

Like most Bruxellois, I tested them by buying pistolets – the special bread rolls we all eat at the weekends. And they were brilliant. One bite and they got me back as a customer.

It just shows that brand loyalty can survive any number of screw-ups by management. It stays there like Sleeping Beauty, waiting to be kissed back into life by a caring marketer. And guess what - the handsome prince who supplied the kiss to my bakery is Italian, owner of the highly praised Pasticceria Biasetto in Padova