Inside Out Marketing

I’ve enjoyed my job more since hitting sixty than ever before. And when I work out why, it comes down to one thing - perspective. After nearly forty years in and around the fringes of marketing, I have seen and made most mistakes when it comes to managing brands. So I now see people walking into traps.

And when it comes to  traps, the most persistent one is a belief that it’s only the outside of the brand that matters. Yes I know that sounds a bit daft for someone who works for a design company, but we’re interested in success and that depends on people buying a brand more than once.

This outside-in marketing assumes  if you have a great looking pack and punchy memorable communications, then success is assured. Well it’s not. Only if those two parts of the marketing mix are combined with a product that delivers great value, will success be assured.

It’s obvious isn’t it? And yet how many brand owners have never tested their product against competitors – blind. We did it the other day with two ‘premium’ brands – neither performed anywhere nearly as well as their own label rivals.

This attitude is the equivalent of the Emperors new suit - too many people just blind to their products’ lack of value. So please do your marketing from the inside out. Get the product value right and build communications on top.