H&M redesigns Vimto

Holmes & Marchant has redesigned the packaging for the entire Vimto still, sparking and cordial range, including original, cherry and no added sugar in the UK.

The new design ‘evolves’ the existing design – changing the abstract dynamic ‘fruit splat’ that was on the pack into a fountain that shows fruit and liquid exploding upwards with the Vimto logo.

The fruit on the label has been redrawn in a more realistic way to highlight the fact that Vimto contains natural fruit juices, and the logo itself has been freshened to look more natural.

Holmes & Marchant’s work will be visible across all Vimto SKUs from this month – everything from two litre bottles and cordial to ‘on-the-go’ packs such as cartons and sports bottles.

As Vimto’s colours are part of what makes the brand so distinctive, for the cherry variant, H&M has brightened the red colour used, and has worked with existing white and berry shades for no added sugar lines.

“Vimto is a brand that is loved in the UK and across the world, so our designs had to evolve and build on its great on-shelf stand-out to make sure we didn’t alienate fans,” said Hayley Laven, account director at Holmes & Marchant.

“We worked hard to make sure that every element of the pack really worked together. We also had a challenge in the diverse audiences that buy Vimto – from the mums that buy the cordial and Tetra Pak cartons because of its natural fruit and vitamin C content to the teens that love the new fizzy and cherry varieties. Our design had to appeal to all of these groups and highlight the refreshment and natural angles – and we are really pleased with the results.