Free Innovation Idea

Photograph: Danny Moloshok/Reuter

There that got your attention, didn’t it? And actually I do have a free one for you. When I heard about it, I thought, surely someone must be doing it already. That’s usually when you know you are on to a winner. And it reminds me of a hilarious comment made by a client, who when confronted with a great piece of Innovation, said to me: ‘Well if its so good, why isn’t someone doing it already”.

Anyway, the idea. I read about it in yesterday’s Guardian. Apparently in Los Angeles there is a big trend to gourmet food trucks offering upmarket take away food. They wrote mainly about the Kogi BBQ food truck, which offers Korean versions of Mexican tortillas, but also referenced Chinese, Cuban, Italian and Indian versions.

Can’t you just see it now? In lay by’s throughout Europe, queues of sophisticated eaters queuing up for Michelin style kebabs or Pasties? It’s a brilliant idea isn’t it? Cheap investment, low rent, attractive offer. Come on, I’ve given you the idea, now get on with it!