Cuticura relaunches brand with revitalised look by Holmes & Marchant

Cuticura is relaunching its anti bacterial hand hygiene range with a new identity and revitalised packaging design through Holmes & Marchant. 

The new Cuticura identity emphasises the technical and safeguarding qualities of its products, balanced with a caring and supportive tone to reaffirm the brand’s expertise in the hand hygiene category, and establishes a platform which the brand can use to extend its category reach.

Holmes & Marchant has completely redesigned the brand logo, opting for a shield format, with upper case lettering and a new circular symbol to represent the protective qualities of the product.

The agency has also introduced a darker blue for the bottle lids and dispensers across the entire product range which has been extended into the Hand Wash category. The Cuticura range now includesinnovative eight hour protecting anti bacterial hand serums for adults and kids, market-leading anti bacterial hand washes and newly scented hand gels.

Jen Edwards, marketing director, for Cuticura at Keyline Brands said: “All other hand hygiene products currently available in the UK market simply kill bacteria. With the Cuticura relaunch we have now introduced products that use the exclusively formulated Advanced Anti Bacterial Technology. This not only gets rid of up to 99.99% of bacteria fast, but also offers continuous protection that can prevent re-infection. In fact, the Cuticura hand serums, hand washes and hand wipes offer the longest continuous protection currently on the market.”

“To successfully extend our reach into the highly competitive Hand Wash category, we felt the identity and packaging of our product range needed a new look. Holmes & Marchant has delivered an identity which we are confident will reaffirm our expertise in the hand hygiene category, while creating a strong platform to launch our new range of hand washes and serums.”

Simon Gore, managing director UK at Holmes & Marchant, added: “Cuticura is the original anti bacterial hygiene brand, and makes strong marketing claims in its category as the lead provider of protection for family hands. To reaffirm the brand in this space we needed to create an identity that reflected the exclusive technical attributes of Cuticura products and in doing so, build a strong platform from which to launch other brand products, some of which are of a premium nature.”

“We have created an identity and design which differentiates Cuticura from the soft and flowery identity of brands such as Radox and Carex. The clarity of the new Cuticura identity emphasises the protective and guarding qualities of its products.”

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