Biodiversity In The Supermarket?

I took this picture in my garden last weekend. Most of you I’m sure know, it’s a geranium. And I have loads out the back. In fact my garden has practically no biodiversity. The geraniums have taken over. Giving me a very green but boring vista when I look out of the back door.

What I see is that in many supermarkets categories, the same thing is happening. The geraniums are taking over. Have a look for example at shower gels or shampoos. Shed loads of every flavour and smell you could wish, but all from just one of two brands. I counted 14 shower gels from one maker and 18 shampoos from the same brand in my local Drug store.

You’d think it would be great for these brands. But I would say it’s not. Brands like geraniums don’t flourish in every environment or consumer head. Not all of us want an anti dandruff brand or family favourite option. We want choice that reflects our own motivations. And that means more brands offering styles that reflect our own attitudes.

I guarantee there will be a day of reckoning. Supermarkets will wake up and realise they are being strangled by geraniums and their punters are moving off to find brand biodiversity elsewhere. Like it or not, brand owners have got to start creating new brands - ones with attitudes different from their current portfolio - and allow us some real variety in our grocery flower beds.