H&M Visit 100% Design

This year the entire City of London has been invaded with design exhibitions, unique installations, and pop up craft shows. The spread of the festival has enabled a wider variety of designers to showcase their work. This year’s stand out piece was the “Outrace” created by designers Clemens Weisshaar and Reed Kram. Eight interactive industrial robots stolen from Audi’s production line equipped with L.E.D heads brilliantly allowed users to create light messages shown across Trafalgar Square. (see link)


From an industrial design perspective the form, styling and material exploration exhibits shown at 100 % Design were of great interest. The highlights of the contemporary interior design exhibition included a range of bespoke hand crafted furniture by Macmaster design, a uniquely beautiful range of room divides created by Sang Hoon Kim and a collection of twisted flowing interior installations by Philip Michael Wolfson.

The Electrolux Design Lab presented its annual global design competition open to industrial design students. The students innovative concept solutions included, a dismountable washing machine, portable dishwasher and a compact induction heater.

Mike Beauchamp - Structural Designer